Leather Shoe Ushy – Starfish

Leather Shoe Ushy – Starfish

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Summer Sandals from Donsje Amsterdam made of leather. The cute handmade and comfortable shoes from Donsje Amsterdam are a must-have for all little girls and little boys. Roughened leather flexible sole (0-6 and 6-12) or rubber flexible sole (12-18, 18-24, 24-30). Easy velcro fastening. Packaged in a beautiful gift bag.

Size guide:
6-12 months: 11.7 cm, 17/18 EU Size
12-18 months: 12.9 cm, 19/20 EU Size
18-24 months: 13,5 cm, 20/21 EU Size
24-30 months: 14,1 cm, 21/22 EU Size


This product is currently not available. If you would like to pre-order it, please contact us: pre-order@youngandbrave.ch.

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